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Emotions running high at airports as students return from Ukraine reach India.

After Russia ordered a military operation in Ukraine on February 24th, the conflict of the war torn country intensified more.

India has launched out a round evacuation ‘Operation Ganga’ to bring back its citizens stuck in the war torn country.

So far 63 plus evacuation flights have been operated flying back more than 13,000 plus Indians, as per
M. E. A’s data(last updated, few hours ago) mostly students from Ukraine.

The Indian embassy on Sunday, 6th March said that the last leg of operation ganga has begun, asking the stranded student’s to reach the Hungarain City Centre in Budapest between 10am-12pm.

I went to meet Shivam in Gaziabad. He is a medical student studying at Ukraine Uzhhorod National Medical University. In a video that was earlier sent by Shivam, he says that he is helpless and the situation is getting worse.

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It's great to be back here in India, all of us, me and my friends including our families were disturbed. For us tension was mounting. All the money and supplies we had, was exhausted and we didn't had anything to eat even. Recounting the struggles Shivam Say's that he wishes to go back and continue studies as in when the situation gets stable.

Another student Preet,
Said, as in when we left to reach the Ukraine border. The condition there was traumatizing, the behavior of the Ukrainian soldiers towards us was not good and saw them beating some girls, we were just praying and wishing to reach home in India as soon as possible.
Just like Shivam and other students, Preet says she feels safe and composed but somewhere remembers the country fondly and longes to go back to Ukraine someday.

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video Producer:- Shriya Trisal

Copy Writer :- Shriya Trisal


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