Once Swami Vivekanand Travelled In A Train, He Was In His Own Nothingness. Two Foreign Ladies Who Were Sitting Opposite Him, Started Commenting On His Clothes. Then After A While They Noticed An Expensive Watch Around His Wrist.

They Decided To Play with Him And One Of Those Ladies Went Close To Him And Said, “Give Us That Watch Now, Else We Will Call The Police Saying That You Harassed Us” Swami Pretending To Be Deaf, Gesture To Them That He Cannot Hear.

They Tried With Gestures And After A Long Struggle Realized That He Is Not Getting Anything They Are Trying To Say.

Then He Politely Gestured To Them Write Whatever They Wanted To Say on Paper and Give. The Ladies Wrote Everything On A Paper And Gave It To Him. Now Swami Calmly Spoke, “Call The Police Now.” This Is Called Thug Life.

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