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Love Quotes: The Valentine’s Week symbolizes the season of love, with love filling the air. Every individual who feels affection eagerly anticipates this time. Despite the differences in people and language, the sentiment behind it remains unchanged.

It is not mandatory to have a designated day to express one’s love, but the Valentine’s Week can provide an opportunity for you to communicate your feelings to your significant other and make your relationship more exciting.

Love is a popular topic of interest for many and what better way to convey your emotions than through the beauty of Shayari. The power of words can truly express your thoughts and feelings in a heartfelt and meaningful way.

In this blog (Blog of bahtreen Shayari), we have compiled some of the best and most lovely poems to help you express your love. These Shayaris can be used to add a touch of romance to your conversations and to truly express the depth of your love.

Love Quotes


Save relationships just like this,

Sometimes you agree and sometimes you convince!!


Words are a powerful medium to express emotions,

Like thirst written in water,

My pen knows my feelings too,

And when I write love, your name shines through.


Expressing love can be hard,

Our tongue falls silent when we try,

But when I look at you, my eyes find their guard,

Only with you, our love can truly thrive.


Time may pass, but my love will endure,

    Forever steadfast, it will never alter or deter.


    Your uniqueness is like each breath I take,

      You embody the essence of my first love’s awaken.


      Nurture relationships in this way,

        Take away all their heartaches and dismay.

        Make a lasting impact on someone’s life,

        And let others long to make you their wife.


        Today is the day to speak from the heart,

          Let our love pulse through like a rhythmic beat.

          My breaths should never cease,

          That’s why we must cherish every moment and never leave.


          She stepped out masked and drew attention,

            The entire street was captivated by her reflection.

            They once doubted our love, but now they see,

            Our love story etched in a book, forever to be.


            Even after we try to forget you, we never will,

              This is the only promise we vow to fulfill.

              We may erase ourselves from everywhere,

              But your name will always be carved in our hearts with care.


              Your smile, our biggest vulnerability,

                We can’t help but be enamored with its glee.

                Why can’t you comprehend this emotion so true,

                Do silent feelings need to be verbalized too?

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