1. Close Background Apps:

● Manually close all the apps and program’s running in the background. ● This helps free up some resources and boost overall performance of the smartphone.

2. Turn of app updates:

● Apps updates consumes internet bandwidth and it can hamper the overall internet speed and ping which will eventually introduce lag and delay while gaming. ● Turning the updates off can solve the problem.

3. Reduce load from the Wi-Fi network:

Reducing load from the wifi network will free up some bandwidth and eventually offer better speed and reduced ping.

4. Adjust games graphics settings:

To enjoy smoother and better gaming, always keep the game’s graphics in line with the smartphone’s capabilities.

5. Contact internet service provider:

In case nothing works, you could check with your service provider regarding the ping.

6. Turn on performance mode:

The majority of modern smartphone’s come with a high-performance gaming mode that automatically optimizes the phone’s performance.

7. Disable power saving mode:

In order to prolong the battery life of smartphone’s , power saving mode reduces overall performance. Disabling it improves performance.

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