7 Plants That Attract Snack

While snakes are not typically attracted to plants for food, they may visit certain areas that provide suitable habitat or prey opportunities.

Cedar Tree (Cedrus)

Snakes often favor cedar trees due to the aromatic scents emitted by their wood.

Clover (Trifolium)

While clover beds can add visual appeal to your garden or landscape, they might also attract snakes.

Citrus Tree

In contrast to lemongrass, which repels snakes with its citrus scent, the Citrus Tree entices snakes due to the attraction of its fruits.

Cypress Tree (Cupressus)

It's not necessarily due to specific scents or fruit-bearing, but rather because their favored prey often constructs nests beneath these plants for protection from predators.

Jasmine Vines

Beneath the beauty of the flowers that bloom from Jasmine Vines, there lies a hidden danger.

Juniper Bushes

Much like the Citrus Tree, Juniper Bushes (Juniperus communis) entice snakes due to the presence of rodents attracted to these shrubs.


Hostas are a low-maintenance plant species characterized by their lush green foliage, adding a touch of tropical ambiance to any garden they grace.