5 Animals that eat their own kind

It might sound gross, but there are some animals that eat their own kind.

Chimpanzee (Pan troglodytes)

Chimpanzees exhibit cannibalistic behavior by occasionally killing and consuming other chimps and animals. This behavior is typically observed during periods of food scarcity, conflicts for dominance, or acts of revenge within their social groups.

Praying Mantis

Female praying mantises are known to occasionally cannibalize males after mating, often consuming them for nourishment.

Black Widow Spider

Female black widow spiders may consume males after mating, providing a potential source of nutrition for their developing eggs.


Lions may engage in infanticide within their pride, where a new male takes over. This prevents them from becoming "step-fathers" and enables them to swiftly mate with lionesses. In certain instances, this behavior extends to cannibalism.


In certain stressful conditions, hamsters, typically social animals, may engage in cannibalism, particularly targeting weaker or dead individuals.


Hippopotamuses exhibit "strategic infanticide" but do not consume their own offspring. Although herbivores, they consume adult carcasses, possibly driven by severe necessity and food shortages.