10 best places near Delhi to visit during the monsoon season

With the arrival of the monsoon, nature comes alive, making a trip to these nearby places from Delhi during the rainy season absolutely essential!

Lansdowne (254 Kms): A scenic hill station in Uttarakhand known for its natural beauty. Indulge in leisurely walks or hikes, visit the Jim Corbett National Park, or enjoy a boat ride on the lake.

Nahan (242 Kms): A serene hill station in Himachal Pradesh surrounded by mountains. Enjoy walks or hikes amidst the beautiful landscape, visit the Nahan Museum, or take a boat ride on the lake.

Mandawa (233 Kms):  A charming town in Rajasthan renowned for its stunning havelis (traditional mansions). Explore the intricate architecture, take leisurely walks through the streets, or visit the local market.

Corbett National Park (230 Kms): An ideal place for wildlife enthusiasts, offering thrilling wildlife safaris where you can spot tigers, elephants, and other fascinating animals.

Agra (210 Kms): A must-visit destination for its iconic Taj Mahal. Explore the grandeur of the Agra Fort, Fatehpur Sikri, and the Jama Masjid.

Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary (198 Kms): One of India's most renowned bird sanctuaries, famous for its flamingos. Take a boat ride on the lake and witness the diverse bird population.

Neemrana Fort (117 Kms): A picturesque fort surrounded by lush greenery. Explore the fort, take a stroll in the gardens, or enjoy a boat ride on the nearby lake.

Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary (45 kms): Another excellent destination for bird enthusiasts, boasting over 300 species of birds. You can take a leisurely walk or go for a cycling ride in the sanctuary.

Okhla Bird Sanctuary (15 kms): A perfect spot for bird watching, especially during the monsoons when migratory birds flock to the area. You can also enjoy a boat ride on the lake.

These destinations provide a mix of natural beauty, wildlife, historical sites, and peaceful surroundings, making them perfect getaways during the monsoon season.